On My Bookshelf - 'Clean Architecture - A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design' by Robert C. Martin

"Clean Architecture" by Robert C. Martin is a book that further deepens and refines the perspective on software design. While I was already familiar with core concepts like the 'SOLID' principles, this book provided nuanced insights and reinforced the value of those principles in the broader context of clean architecture.

A significant takeaway for me was the importance of simplicity in design, regardless of how intricate the problem or the system might be. This emphasis on simplicity helps ensure the longevity and maintainability of software.

Martin's discussion about managing dependencies was enlightening. It's crucial to ensure that the dependencies within our software don't create complexities that become hard to navigate later on.

One concept that truly resonated with me was the idea of ‘screaming architecture’. It suggests that the structure of the software should clearly reflect its functionality and purpose. This promotes transparency and immediate understanding for anyone diving into the system.

In essence, while "Clean Architecture" aligns with many principles I already knew, it gave depth to those ideas and presented actionable strategies to ensure our software remains robust and easy to evolve over time.